About John Little

I am the lead practitioner for social housing at Vanguard Consulting Ltd.  I have extensive experience of helping clients achieve sustainable and sustained international award-winning transformational results in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

I have seen first hand the damage inflicted by the patronising and bullying tactics of bodies such as the Audit Commission who compel organisations to adhere to their diktats.

One of the most damaging features I have spoken about in recent years has been inflicted by so-called best practice on procurement of repairs and maintenance.  I lay most, but not all, of the blame for the current malaise within the social housing sector on large organisations, such as those who have financially failed and those who are currently failing to deliver good customer service and are portrayed by so-called procurement ‘experts’ as the safest bet for their clients.  This is based on the fact that they can leverage economies of scale (itself a fallacy).  This has led contractors to make ridiculously low bids to win work that they cannot properly deliver.

I will expose these dysfunctional situations through this blog. Watch this space.

John Little.


One Response to About John Little

  1. Annette Bellyou says:

    I am so fortunate to be a council tenant in Stoke on Trent.
    Totally involved in the Systems Thinking into redesign of our repairs system.
    We have seen the light and there’s no going back EVER.
    Cut out waste=Happy tenants.

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