Lucky Tim

I read in the press recently that Tim Leunig of the London School of Economics has effectively burnt his bridges with the Chartered Institute of Housing (CiH) and the National Housing Federation over comments that the costs of attending their conferences such as the  The Annual Squandering of Tenants Money (ASoTM) event aka CiH Housing Conference 2012.  Lucky Tim – now he won’t have to go back to one of these lacklustre events.

Well done Tim for having the courage to say what many people were thinking.  “If these are difficult times why are organisations such as the CiH charging so much in delegate fees to attend events?”

The reason is of course that the CiH and others are not concerned that the people funding these vacuous events are tenants; through their rent payments.   They are like the others with their ‘snouts’ firmly in the money ‘trough’.

Were it not so serious and obscene it is almost laughable when you see self-important people in sharp suits, racing around the conference with freebie bags in their hands, no doubt full of ‘tat’ from exhibitors, trying to look important but in reality just filling in time until the bars open or they can get in to a large contractors freebie lunch event.  ALL paid for by tenants’ rent money of course.

Still, I hear the hoteliers and restaurateurs in Manchester hope that the ASoTM is coming back again next year.  I am sure they will not be disappointed.

Well said Tim; I don’t often agree with your views however, you got this one absolutely right.   Shameful waste of money.



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1 Response to Lucky Tim

  1. Tim Leunig says:

    Just to say that I never planned to burn my bridges – I simply told the truth as I saw it….
    Nor would I refuse to speak again – housing conferences can be important ways to share best practice, see new ideas etc. It is just that they don’t have to lavish, as the Housing Studies Association conference shows.

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